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TalentRobot is a new kind of staffing company – we use advanced tools to find, filter, and engage the best talent and do it faster and more cost-effectively than even the best recruiting firms doing things the old way. Your best job recruiters may be bringing you decent hires, but none of them deliver the speed, accuracy, and quality of TalentRobot.

Proof that TalentRobot is a different kind of recruiting agency

So. Many. Success metrics.

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How do we deliver these results?

The Best Recruiters Do Things This Way

Let’s talk about what makes us different.

Dazzling Tech

A major ingredient in our secret sauce is our proprietary technology. The AI and machine learning tools we’ve developed help make finding candidates that truly match your company’s needs and culture downright simple. Our data-driven hiring process helps us find the best placements (without waiting for them to knock on your door), filter out any job seekers who won’t excel, and delight the best until they’re clamoring to be a part of what you do. Our proven engagement methods make even the best recruitment agencies jealous.

Gone are the days of gut feel and cursory resume review. Meet tomorrow’s tech-powered contract recruiter.

Speed and Accuracy

While other recruitment agencies may be pedaling fast, we’ve found sixth gear on the information superhighway and are blowing past them. On average, we’re 42% faster and 67% more accurate than the competition in the staffing industry. This means that while your competitors are still out dragging nets and fishing for talent, you’re onboarding the best professionals and moving on to execute better, delight more customers, and be a part of your company’s growth story.

We Deliver Insights, not Pitches

Thanks to our outstanding tech tools (like our proprietary stack ranking of candidates using AI and predictive analytics), we offer you supremely useful information to guide decision making. Information that even the top recruiting firms that do things the old way simply can’t. We present you with candidate data including digital resumes, match scores, and interactive interview recordings that let you make the call with a whole new level of confidence.

We don’t pitch you on people. We’re providing information that makes every decision feel like a no-brainer. It’s so next-level that calling us a “staffing firm” or a “staffing agency” doesn’t even compute.

The Cost Effectiveness You Deserve

Our Recruiting as a Service is up to 75% cheaper than traditional contingency search firms. We go far beyond the tired staffing solutions of yesterday. Your goals are our goals, and that includes saving money on recruiting. RaaS is like plugging into the “talent grid.” Suddenly, you have the power to meet your staffing needs on demand. Not ready for an ongoing engagement? Test drive us with a one-off that’s still 15% less than traditional recruitment firms. The best job recruiters will try to follow suit, the majority will keep charging too much for too little, and we’ll still be light-years ahead as we ceaselessly drive down costs while delivering better results with our proven recruitment process.

Contingency Search Needs to Die

That is, unless you’re testing the mettle of a new talent partner. We are happy to perform any contingent search you can throw at us, but the real reason we exist is to be your own integrated talent team, like in-house recruiting services but a fraction of the cost. Don’t get us wrong, we can work seamlessly with your own recruiters too, happily supercharging their efforts. But the real game-changer is on-demand recruiting, whether it’s full Recruiting as a Service or it’s on-demand work that can supplement your team, with Pipeline on Demand. You don’t buy a joule of electricity from your utility – don’t buy one-off talent when it comes to staffing services.

No More Irrelevant Resumes

We don’t waste hiring managers’ time with pointless prospects for their staffing needs. We cut right to what matters most. We analyze your requirements from every angle and feed your needs into our cutting-edge AI tools. This lets us surface, engage, and filter candidates with unprecedented speed and accuracy. The result is less time reviewing irrelevant profiles and resumes, and more time spent deciding between killer candidates 1, 2, and 3. We don’t serve up people that might be, kind of, sort of, possibly, situationally, an OK hire (so long as you ignore all their flaws). We bring you the people you want and need to know. The hard part will be picking the best from among the best.

We Refuse to Fit In

The other 20,000+ staffing and recruiting agencies try to fill positions with a lot of man-hours, minimal data, and little concern about results. That’s not dragging them through the mud – it’s an accurate description of their business model! Their communications are often perfunctory and their process is decades old. With even the best recruitment agencies tapping stale databases and throwing resumes over fences, the experience sucks and they burn lots of your time and money.

Why has it always been this way? Well, we’ve all accepted it.

It’s time for that kind of recruiting to die so something far better can be born.

Join the Recruiting Revolution

The future of recruiting is now. You don’t have to wait for better, faster talent acquisition. It’s right here.

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The Real Question is How Much WILL YOU SAVE

TalentRobot doesn’t just reduce time-to-hire more than 2x while increasing the quality and fit of hires. We do it a lower cost than traditional recruiting firms. We even offer two innovative engagement models in addition to tired old contingent search. See how much you could save!