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Whether you’re a manager looking to utilize your team’s innate abilities better or to assess team culture for fit and skills gaps to make smarter hiring decisions, we’re about to plug you into a Matrix-style speed-learning program to unlock team performance and hire better than ever. 

To start, take the assessment yourself first and either share the assessment link with your team or reach out to have your team invited.

Our CEO Explains How it Works

TalentRobot’s Talent Intelligence Platform measures team culture to drive hiring decisions, better employee/manager communication, and culture transformation initiatives using a fun 12-minute survey.

It gives hiring managers a 360 degree view into their team and candidates for open positions before they interact with them.

It helps quantify hiring decisions, team fit and candidate selection with psychometric analysis.

It helps managers understand their teams better by outlining characteristics, habits, communication styles, decision tendencies and learning styles.

It helps organizations understand current culture and how to shape future culture all the way down to the individual level.

It helps TalentRobot deliver hires against culture initiatives and team dynamic initiatives.

We’re making this available at no cost to those that have teams working remotely during the pandemic to help everyone understand each other’s styles, characteristics and habits from a deeper perspective.

We’ll do all the work collecting information, organizing it and sharing it with you, all you have to do is ask your team to take a fun survey that may help them understand themselves better.

In times like this it’s important to strive to understand everyone just a little bit better.

Get to know your team’s skills, motivators, and communication styles, providing insight to help unlock individual growth, unparalleled cohesion, and better-than-ever productivity (from happier people!).

<span>Sincerely,</span><br>Jay Curry

Jay Curry

CEO and Principal Recruiting Geek

Deciding if It's Worth Your Team's Time?

We get it. We’re ruthlessly efficient and focused with our time and attention. And we respect yours, too! 

Maybe you’re wondering what exactly this is, if it’s of value to you, and why we’re offering it for free.

In short, it’s a set of free reports on team members’ personalities, work styles, communication preferences, and work and life motivators. All embedded in a delightful interface that helps you understand individuals and teams to utilize and hire talent better than ever.

You’ll get profound insight into:

Why’s it free?

We think you may be so impressed that you consider our recruiting services in the future. But, we’re autonomous bots, not marionettes with strings attached. Use these insights however you will, no obligation! No matter what you choose, we’re moving the needle on our mission to make more productive and profitable businesses through happier teams.

For the Lovers of Detail…

We love the nitty-gritty, too! 

Here’s a bit more detail on how the Talent Intelligence Platform helps managers and teams work and hire better.

Measure culture at the team, department or any level in the organization

Allows companies to measure and understand their culture; thus, hire people who best fit the team and corporate culture, and create best performing teams to drive performance and culture alignment.

Identify and contrast cultures from best performing teams across the company

Compare an underperforming team (i.e. in sales) with other high performing sales teams within the same company, teasing out the issues affecting the underperforming team.
Find new solutions based on behavioral science insights to fix and improve overall performance across teams.

Culture mapping to understand your people at all levels and unlock untapped potential

Drive change in your organization to achieve culture transformation.

Gain insights about the makeup of your team to figure out what works and what could work better

Learn about your team’s similarities and differences on a continuum with team strengths highlighted and identify potential gaps. Use the info to hire, train, and grow people better.

Time to decide.

Red pill or blue pill?

Elevate your talent perspective now…

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And that’s just a taste of the free insight you’ll get! 

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