Suffering from FOMO…in the recruiting space?

Let me preface all of what I am about to say with this… I absolutely adore the folks I worked with and had the pleasure of serving while in Corporate Recruiting. The fact is that any job (managing, contributing or assisting) within Corporate Recruiting can be a punch in the face! It requires a Mother Teresa level of selflessness, toleration and dedication that are not present in your everyday human being. Hats off to the guys and gals out there still churning out talent in the corporate structure. You are my peeps!

I want to talk about the brewing cataclysmic storm in Talent Acquisition and the possible silver lining for some. First the silver lining… Enter Intelligent Recruiting tools. These are being developed at record pace exactly for TA, right now. Anyone in or around TA should have some form of FOMO (fear of missing out) about this. Quite honestly, if you’re in TA today, you’ll need to develop this other sense of “how can I obtain technology to do this faster, better and smarter” or AI sourcing tools may find your resume back out on the boards soon. I know that right now you have 9 reqs you are responsible for, 4 of those are over 30 days old, 4 you haven’t touched and everyone in the company is waiting for you to find the superstar Executive for the other one. Listen when I say… there is a better way. There are tools out there that work in the background, that don’t sleep and have zero bias! The only thing you need to do is educate yourself on how they fit into your funnel, how you’re going to interact with them and how they are measured. I’m not downsizing the fact that time is the quantifiable resource here, but it is time that everyone in TA become students and begin to learn and evolve. As an analyst and with a good handle on the landscape for TA tech, here is my Nostradamus prediction for TA in the next 3-5 years… Recruiters will change into hybrid solutionist that manage more technology and contribute to shaping the outcomes Intelligent Recruiting tools produce. In 5 years there will be very little need for the recruiter that does it all (I used to be that guy) simply because the only way that model scales is by hiring more people that “do it all”. Everyone knows HR budgets don’t support big teams and they are last to the table when it comes to funding. See that wasn’t so scary, or was it? Creative thinking and innovation is the byproduct of being under resourced, underfunded and insanely depended upon. If you’re like me, now is the time to start to learn and lobby for the new Intelligent Recruiting tools so you don’t become obsolete. They’re cheap and the getting is good. How’s that for FOMO? ?

The bad news, and the storm I mentioned, is the mismanaged, under resourced and underfunded TA functions out there will miss out because “everything is working for us now”, “we aren’t big enough for that kind of technology yet”, “I don’t know how that works so its not for us” and “it’s just a fad and buzz words that will pass”. The chasm is widening and the teams with leaders who have no vision for scale are bound to be left on the other side. They’ll continue to stuff money in the pockets of the evolving recruiting agencies of the world and all but fund the rising of the tech savvy Independent Recruiter that has found a way to manage several different businesses TA functions with smart tools that scale. It’s not a bad game plan to go either of those routes to buy some time to create a smart internal TA engine, but it’s not a long-term play, more of a Band Aid. Innovation happens regardless of who consumes it or how it’s consumed. You’re going to want to start challenging those passive leaders, you’re going to want to put in the extra time it takes to understand how TA is changing and you’re going to want to rely more on smart tools that scale rather than self.

Here @ TalentRobot™ we are all focused on pulling these fancy new Intelligent Recruiting tools together into a more consumable platform. We’re far from done and we can’t toss you the keys to the “Ferrari of TA” just yet but we can help you understand what’s out there, how it should be used and what outcomes you should expect. Charles “Boss” Kettering was an American inventor, engineer, businessman, the holder of 186 patents and most notably the Head of Research for GM back when the automobile war was a real thing and he said, “If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong.” Our thinking needs to be around breaking bad habits, finding new ways to do things and embracing “the change”. It seems there are a few of us bound and determined to radically change the landscape of TA now but I can’t help but feel that there are many more “wait and see” folks out there that may end up on the other side of that chasm I mentioned. All of this can be a little scary, overwhelming and downright controversial but I for one am here to help. I don’t have all the answers, but I have a lot of them and I’m happy to share and collaborate anytime. Find me on Twitter @talentrobot or email directly [email protected]

Hiring… Gut Decisions vs. Artificial Intelligence

There’s a heap of controversy amongst business leaders when talk of gut decisions taking a backstage to actual data-driven decisions is prompted, especially in the talent acquisition game. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics are threatening to bench the sacred “gut business decision” when it comes to making a new hire and for good reasons. I could go on all day about how imperfect human decisions are in the light of pure data sets because of emotion, but I’m not. It’s more about the marriage of the two and how to confirm our gut feelings with the new tech in talent acquisition. As much as I would enjoy seeing it, I don’t believe we will ever get to a point where us humans are ok not driving final decisions in hiring because we are only in fact, humanly emotional and that may hurt our feelings. ?
“Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we’ll augment our intelligence.” —Ginni Rometty”
Knowing where and how the two decisions (human and artificial) will marry is the key to the next age of talent acquisition. If you’re reading this article its because you’re looking for the dichotomy or perhaps similarity of the two decision making processes and how to best apply them. We as Talent Acquisition leaders should start to look at a divergent method and application of both. Water and oil you say? Not so much. Remember successful Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics platforms are initially derived and powered by human intellect, algorithms only perfect, scale and discard emotion.

Only at the very bottom of the recruiting funnel do we see an absolute need for pure human intelligence, or do we? Most recruiting leaders need artificial help top of funnel down through the mid and lower portions. The goal should be to optimize and implement these technologies throughout the funnel so we ourselves start to feed the technology what it needs to better validate and produce good results. Does that mean we stop negotiating compensation plans at the bottom of the funnel and use datasets to empower AI to lead and finalize negotiations? Right about now candidate experience Overlords are falling out of there chairs. Making damn sure every hire has a unique and special human experience in the hiring process is top of mind industry-wide right now. Is this what we should be focused on? The truth of the matter is, these imperfect experiences are still going to be broken no matter how much we try and drill down and perfect them. It’s about expectation! Holy shit, am I saying we’ve doomed our own candidate experience due to our consumer-based expectations? Yes! The only thing broken is our expectations when it comes to our candidate experience. We’ve all been there… you apply and never hear back just to see the job disappear or you find yourself at the bottom of the funnel and wheels fall off the bus when compensation talks start. This is our human experience. The used auto industry has done a better job of empowering its customers with the data needed to make gut decisions. Let’s face it, the expectations around candidate experience, the hiring process and negotiations all need to be changed and we are in a time now where early-stage technologies can only enhance all of these experiences. The folks @elevated are using consumer behavior to power their Predictive Analytics platform that essentially predicts candidate and hiring manager match. @Paradox has built an AI assistant obsessed with improving and reinventing the candidate experience. There is a ton of tech out there and it can be totally confusing. If you need help navigating it hit me up on Twitter @talentrobot.

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