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Your Startup Needs People (And Money!)

But still… people.

TalentRobot is the startup recruiting agency that can find qualified staffing for you.

First, we have to understand what candidate in their right mind would work at a startup. Typically, it’s optimists who want to find a job. Or job seekers who crave a challenge. Or those who want to build the future. If you can find this very particular breed of people, you’ll generate amazing results. The point is, you need to be hiring placements who have the right mindset to work at a startup. They’re motivated, tireless, and driven to bust their humps in pursuit of the dream – which just got revised – did you see the last email on that?

Ah well, no worries. We’ve still got all night to complete everything.

A successful hire by our startup recruiting agency

It Has to be a Match

Startup recruiting firms know that your hires have to perform at their job, but do they know what makes for a great startup placement? Do their staffing services reflect how important cultural fit is? Can they act accordingly even if they do? We do and we can. And we’ve got the tech to make sure that we source candidates who will blow your team away! (And your numbers out of the water!).

You’ve Got ZERO Time to Waste

The last thing you need is a startup recruiter that sends you irrelevant resumes or has you interviewing people for jobs who obviously won’t work out. You need an efficient hiring process so badly it hurts. Thank goodness TalentRobot is all about it, with industry-leading Times To Hire. It’s all thanks to our advanced recruitment process outsourcing that combines the best self-learning technology with our personalized staffing solutions. Our tech tools are built to speed up the talent acquisition process without sacrificing accuracy. We know it's hard to believe, but we’re pulling it off every day for tech companies and startups of all kinds so that they can stomp their competition. Isn't great technology amazing?

Hires that Absolutely Smash It

Recruitment agencies for startups will tell you that your business is on the line with each hire. And it kind of is. But the good news is, if you use the right data-driven processes, you’ll have the best shot at bringing people on board that can crush their objectives and help you achieve the high growth you’re after. At TalentRobot, we’ve built our tools around hitting the nail on the head and bringing in team members that are just crazy enough to thrive in a startup environment. They won’t let you down. And neither will we.

Enough words. If you want to hear more about our amazingly efficient, accurate, tech-powered recruitment process, we’re ready when you are.

Give Your Company an Unfair Advantage

Recruit top talent and ensure that your company walks like King Kong all over the competition.

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The Real Question is How Much WILL YOU SAVE

TalentRobot doesn’t just reduce time-to-hire more than 2x while increasing the quality and fit of hires. We do it a lower cost than traditional recruiting firms. We even offer two innovative engagement models in addition to tired old contingent search. See how much you could save!