A GREAT SALES TEAM is the difference between scaling up and winding down

At TalentRobot, our sales recruiters can help you find people who land deals. Period.

Lots of sales recruiting firms know how to bring in mass amounts of resumes, but they struggle when it comes to quality placements. Our focus is to help you hire sustainable top producers that crush their goals, and that can help your company grow and maintain growth year after year.

Also, it isn’t just about sales performance numbers! Besides marine biologists, no one wants to work in a shark tank. It’s important for sales recruitment agencies to help you build a team of qualified people who work well together. That way, your company culture can stay healthy and coming to work can be enjoyable. This keeps turnover down and makes life better for everyone involved. TalentRobot’s advanced tech solutions in talent acquisition use data-driven principles to make sure that your team, clients and candidates will fit for real.

A sales pro placed by TalentRobot, one of the top sales recruiting firms

Pharmaceutical sales recruiters

The best pharmaceutical sales reps are those who know how to operate in an age of dwindling physician access. Can your sales representative still produce when doctors would rather operate on themselves than take yet another pharma sales meeting? Not all sales job recruiters can deliver high quality modern pharma sales professionals, but TalentRobot can, and we can do it with ludicrous speed. We’ve got smart-as-heck tech on our side, and will make it work for your hiring process. Our recruiting services will sniff out the best candidate for your sales positions and make them stoked to get to work for you.

Software sales recruiters

Even when selling to tech-savvy prospects, it can be hard to clearly articulate your value proposition. The sales pros who can do it well can land major deals and send your company to the next level. TalentRobot stands out among sales recruiters and headhunters as a partner that can help you find the sales rep that actually brings home the bacon.

Sales management recruiters

Selling and managing salespeople are two different things, and sales recruiting firms have to understand the distinction. Our algorithms are trained to sniff out quality management talent with the right skills and approach to lead your team into the next quarter successfully. You need more than just a good producer – you need someone who can manage people with sound leadership solutions, so that your front door doesn’t become a revolving door. We’ll help you bring the right sales manager onboard.

IT & technical sales recruiters

Talking about the dizzying array of tech specs and details behind your products might seem like a great way to show just how good your stuff is, but the best sales recruitment agencies know that it only takes a few nanoseconds for your prospect’s eyes to glaze over when you approach things that way. Don’t bore your prospects to death. Get the best talent and make tech sales sexy again. Capable, effective sales people are hiding somewhere out there in the world (usually they’re currently employed and smashing their targets). We want to help you get that awesome recruit on your team with our killer recruitment process.

Sales executive recruiters

The top of your sales food chain isn’t necessarily a great sales person (although that wouldn’t be at all surprising), but they absolutely have to be a great manager, motivator, and strategist. Your best human capital can either be enhanced by their leader, or succeed in spite of the leader you select. TalentRobot has the top sales recruitment experts make sure your next sales executive is the kind of boss your company has been begging for. Put our executive search services to work for you, and find that top executive you’ve been dreaming of.

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