TalentRobot is everything marketing recruiting firms wish they were…

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That’s big talk, but believe it or not, we can back it up. We’ve got advanced technology that surfaces hidden marketing talent, filters out job seekers who wouldn’t fit in at your company, and serves up a data-driven talent pool that ensures you won’t waste time reviewing resumes, social recruiting, or interviews with poor quality candidates.

We’re transforming the recruitment process from the ground up.

Of course, once you pick a recruit, the irony begins. Can you market your company as an employer (and a culture fit) to a marketing and sales professional? A marketing director? Our proven techniques in employer branding help you position yourself, develop an “employer brand,” and effectively engage top prospects with conversion rates that would make other marketing recruitment agencies drool.

Recruitment marketing to high quality marketers – now that’s fun!

Marketing Executive Recruiters

The head of your marketing team needs to be able to craft and implement marketing strategies that can help your company go head to head with tough competition and come out on top. Where - oh where - are marketing recruiting firms going to find such a candidate? The answer is, wherever they are. Sound glib? The point is, at TalentRobot, we’re focused on hunting down top talent for marketing jobs, wherever they may be. We’re running down a dream and going wherever it leads.

Digital Marketing Recruitment

Once upon a time marketing communications were all magazines, billboards, and memorable TV spots. Now the world is online and your marketing department has to have leading-edge skills to ensure that your company is at the top of the digital heap. These skilled marketing professionals may be amazing at what they do, but they’re not all focused on making themselves easy to be found for jobs – the best ones don’t have to. TalentRobot can get the digital marketing specialist out of the office and into your loving arms.

Online Marketing Recruiter

SEO, PPC, RoaS, CLTV, CPL… what does it all mean? You may not be up on every acronym, but the online marketing coordinator you want to hire sure is. How can you be sure, however, that your next online marketing technician/wizard will perform and fit in at your company? Leave it to our recruitment agency and our array of advanced screening tools. (Just don’t ask for any “rock stars” or “ninjas”.

Marketing Manager Recruitment

Most marketing recruitment agencies know that a good marketing manager has to be knowledgeable about the marketing industry and people. But do they also know where to find one with just the right skillset to suit your exact needs? The best marketing managers are not one-size-fits-all hires - you need one that can perform in your niche and jibe with your team. We’re here to take on the mission of finding that person and helping you get them through the hiring process and onboarding quickly and easily.

Direct Marketing Recruitment Agencies

With the right words, anything is possible (even double digit conversion rates in oversaturated industries.) But first, you need to hire a direct marketer. And not just any direct marketer – you need one that actually produces results, not just words. TalentRobot is here to surface the direct marketer your company has been waiting for. With just a few words, your company could be seeing the leads and sales that will take you from mid-market... to enterprise class.

Have a Vacancy in Marketing?

We have the droids you’re looking for. Our next-generation talent acquisition methods that include actual robots can fulfill all your marketing staffing needs. All the titles and facets of your marketing campaign you can think of - brand manager, product marketing, communications manager, marketing assistant, and more - are in our wheelhouse. We’ve dealt with them all, and our recruitment will deliver them to you on a silver platter. Or titanium, if you prefer.

You're about blow up your KPIs with Your New High-ROI marketing unicorn. Basically, get ready to see your CLTV and your SQLs hockey-stick, up and to the right.

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The Real Question is How Much WILL YOU SAVE

TalentRobot doesn’t just reduce time-to-hire more than 2x while increasing the quality and fit of hires. We do it a lower cost than traditional recruiting firms. We even offer two innovative engagement models in addition to tired old contingent search. See how much you could save!