Are they really TOP EXECUTIVE RECRUITERS if they can’t help you land top executives?

TalentRobot has bosses by the barrel

The right executive can make or break your company. But where are all the great executives?

They’re working, of course!

That’s why it’s so critical that executive recruiting firms surface passive talent, too. At TalentRobot, our advanced tech tools can surface the absolute best C level candidate for your company, whether they’re an active job seeker or current chief human resources officer.

Of course, that’s not enough. Top executive recruiting firms also have to match great executives to your company’s needs and culture to ensure there’s a great fit. Unlike other retained search firms, we’ve got that covered too. Our matching and filtering solutions will ensure that you only interview and hire executive leadership who wouldn’t be hated by your teams. We’re catapulting executive recruitment into the future, where it belongs.

Healthcare Executive Recruiters

TalentRobot is one of the top executive search firms that finds the most knowledgeable, capable executive with the acumen to help your healthcare system achieve its goals. And actually get them to work for you! Whether you’re looking for a specific skill set (IT modernization, compliance, expansion and fundraising, or something different) or just need someone who can succeed no matter where he or she is planted, we can help. Healthcare is complex enough. Let’s not make it worse by hiring a bad boss.

Marketing executive recruiters

If you’re trying to scale your business, a recruiter can be your best friend. With the right human capital in place, you can revamp your approach to marketing and transform your company before you can say, “target audiences.” TalentRobot can assist you with finding a marketing expert who knows your niche and is ready to run. Even if they’re not looking for a job, our executive search process can help them realize that your company is the one they’ve always dreamed of working for.

Insurance executive recruiters

Insurance recruiters all know that, when it comes to insurance, metrics are king (and queen). The same is true for us. With data-driven executive search services that make efficient use of artificial intelligence, we’re able to bring you the senior level insurance professionals and business leaders that will take your company where it needs to go. Our executive search consultants with years of experience in talent acquisition, paired with our unstoppable AI, can find those CEOs you’re looking for. With TalentRobot, the best executive talent for your organization is en route.

Sales Executive Recruiters

If you have leadership needs in sales, the common headhunter can’t cut it. A sales executive can make or break your sales culture and ultimately, your numbers. As seasoned sales executive recruiters, we’re ready to help you hone in on the nation’s best leadership talent to manage your team and ensure that they’re fully motivated selling machines. Or at least, they’ll turn your team into motivated selling machines. Sales executives must embody the leadership roles that drive the business. It’s our job to find them, vet them, reel them in, and make the hiring process as smooth and intelligent as possible.

So. Many. Industries.

TalentRobot has successfully found exceptional, kick-ass placements who deliver real results for our clients across multiple industries. We work with nonprofit organizations, private equity firms, professional services, SaaS providers, and more on their global executive search to find the best leaders to drive success. If you know you want the best of the best- the best talent, the best in thought leadership- leverage our recruiting services to find them for you. We dare you to find a more data-driven, technology-wielding, recruiting firm. Did we mention we have robots?

Contact us, and we’ll show you why we’re a top executive search firm, delighting clients and candidates alike with our unique, futuristic approach to the recruitment process. Let our leadership consulting and high-tech approach go to work for you.

The perfect boss is out there.

TalentRobot can make sure that he or she is working for you, not someone else.

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The Real Question is How Much WILL YOU SAVE

TalentRobot doesn’t just reduce time-to-hire more than 2x while increasing the quality and fit of hires. We do it a lower cost than traditional recruiting firms. We even offer two innovative engagement models in addition to tired old contingent search. See how much you could save!