Tech-Powered Yet HUMAN-CENTRIC Recruitment Process

Take a Look Under our Robot Hoods

Maybe you’ve seen our wild success metrics and you’re wondering, “How even?!”

In short, we’re part human, part machine. Our high-tech recruitment process leverages smart tech to surface, engage, and interview better candidates faster. It’s the data-driven modern evolution of the talent agency, the future of recruiters and talent acquisition. We reduce time-to-hire more than 2x while increasing the fit and quality of hires, all at a lower cost than most recruiting firms.

You’re probably still wondering what this process-driven recruiting looks like. And we’re excited to walk you through our recruitment process steps we’ll use to land your ideal candidate, better and faster than ever. You’ve never met a recruiter like this.

A Deep Dive Into Your Company’s Goals and Culture

The first thing a robot needs is information. Our recruiters soak up everything we can get our greedy little processors on so that when it comes time to use fancy technology, we’ve got a robust starting point.

We need to understand our client’s company, personnel needs, and culture. To that end, we conduct an examination and survey that helps us understand the workplace to which we’re trying to match candidates. Once we clarify the company goals and culture, we load this data into our intelligent recruiting platform and begin sourcing prospects that specifically fit your needs. The result is job seekers for whom you have full data profiles, who are interested in your job openings and want to engage.


With Our AI-Powered Candidate Search Engine

The best candidates are the ones who don’t want a new job because they’re so busy kicking ass at their current one.

TalentRobot™ then scans hidden talent pools across the web, not a stale database of past contacts, to surface at least 100 of the best job candidates. These include “passive candidates”: people successful in their jobs who may not be thinking of moving, but who are often the best-of-the-best hires “available.” This allows clients to “get to the table first,” edging out other employers and even engaging a talent pool no one else is talking to. These candidates are then ranked based on skills, background checks, culture fit, experience, location, frequency of job changes, schools attended, and more, producing a simple score to evaluate likely job success from the most qualified individuals.


Scientifically Tested Candidate Experience Starts Here

Sure, you can find great candidates, but can you reel them in? Our robot seduction methods are irresistible.

TalentRobot™ engages these larger talent pools in part using a mix of a hands-on recruiting process and automated yet personalized outreach tools. We send candidates sequences of messages we’ve split-tested over time to produce a high response rate, personalized for the candidate, role, and company. We nurture candidates toward reaching out to us, call the most engaged and desirable ones who don’t reach out on their own, and update each candidate’s Impact Valuation using AI that gauges their engagement and sentiment.



Self-driving cars are responsible for 0% of the accidents they’re in. Still think your gut is a better hiring tool than a robot?

We interview dozens of candidates using role-specific questions produced in collaboration with a hiring manager and a set of probing questions that helps us analyze personality and culture fit using AI and Natural Language Processing. Our tech tools take into account job descriptions, reference checks, and more facets in the hiring process. TalentRobot™ then performs structured interviews—which you will be able to listen to—with targets until we produce a set of potential new employees who would all fit like a glove within the role and organization.


Predictive Analytics to Estimate Fit, Performance, and Tenure

If more people used our matchmaking tool when picking a spouse, divorce attorneys would go out of business.

Using predictive analytics, TalentRobot™ continues screening potential new hires until we produce candidates who fit all of the client’s job requirements and get an “A” Impact Valuation by our algorithm. We stack rank the final candidates based on how well they match company culture, how long they’re predicted to stay, and how well they match with the hiring manager and team.

Matching & Ranking

Interactive Candidate Reports & Multimedia Interview Transcripts

Our candidate profiles are so comprehensive it’s scary. And still, they’re easy to use. We’re doing impossible things over here.

We then submit these five candidates to the client in the form of interactive reports with digital resumes. These reports include easy-to-digest match scores showing personality fit, fit with the manager and team, alignment with company culture, personality assessments, and word clouds showing common phrases used in conversation and resumes. The reports contain a full transcript and digital recording of the interview process, with questions linked to audio and text answers so businesses get full interview insights without performing interviews.

Digital resumes provide a rich portrait of the candidate’s work and education history, with links to LinkedIn and other social profiles. We think of it as a “3D” resume. We deliver this info in a format that’s easy to share, facilitating internal discussions and enabling human resource management to make fact-based hiring decisions sans interviewing. We pride ourselves in lowering time-to-hire, which means you’ll sail through the pre employment process and get to onboarding your fantastic new employee ASAP.


Put Our Process to Work to Land Better Candidates, Faster

Your hiring process is about to get a whole lot simpler.