Recruitment Process Outsourcing, But WAY BETTER

If you want to grow fast, you need a light- speed talent pipeline

Think of Recruiting as a Service™, our full-service recruiting solution, as the custom 3D-printed add-on vs. the industry’s generic bolt-on. It’s hyper-flexible, the materials are more affordable, and the end result is impeccable down to the last detail.

From the interview process to recruitment marketing, employment branding, and onboarding, TalentRobot acts as your one-stop-shop, the only talent acquisition team you’ll ever need. (Or want!)

This means you can finally say goodbye to checking the job boards for good. Unless you enjoy that sort of thing…

Introducing Recruiting as a Service

It’s our way of fully augmenting your hiring process from end to end. 

For companies that are scaling up, there’s no better way to get the staffing outsourcing solutions you need quickly and effectively. We’re a modern, tech-enabled recruitment process outsourcing vendor that can remove some of the biggest limits on your company’s growth – lack of talent and hiring delays. And our full-service solutions include everything you need for recruiting and hiring. It’s 100% our job to build relationships and maintain the kind of relationship management that reflects your company culture. The results are new employees with superb candidate experience that can sail through the onboarding process and become your shining stars.

Other retained search firms simply can’t keep up. We’re going at warp speed over here, with 10x faster sourcing that others can’t deliver.

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How Does OUR Recruitment Process Outsourcing Work?

At TalentRobot, we’re tossing out the stale RPO model of do-less-charge-more. Recruiting as a Service™ starts with deep knowledge about your company’s candidate needs and culture. This then lets us train our AI-powered contract recruiter tools on who to search for to augment your team. Once they know what they’re looking for, we unleash them on the web to surface the best candidates for your job – you know, the people you might actually want to work with? We’ll find the best recruit for every role.

After that, we use data-driven screening talent acquisition methods to identify the best fits, and then use high-converting communications to engage candidates and sell them on your company as an employer. Our AI recruiting tools coupled with our years of experience are meant to make getting that amazing new hire a breeze. It’s outsourced recruitment, augmented and perfected to the point you’ll barely even recognize it.

What Are the Benefits of Our Approach to RPO?

The benefit of using an independent recruiter is that you can plug in to a team that has all the tools to fully enhance your recruitment strategy. This empowers you to find the best people faster than ever before. A freelance recruiter team like TalentRobot also offers an outside perspective for hiring – a reality check on how you’re marketing yourself as an employer brand to potential new hires, which can help you become a more powerful employment brand than ever before.

Employer branding is just one of the ways we optimize the recruiting process to hire the most glittering gems in the talent pool. An outsource recruitment agency is more than just a way to pull in resumes – with TalentRobot, it’s a different experience altogether.

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Wondering About Rates for Recruiting as a Service?

Retained recruitment with TalentRobot is more cost effective than almost any other traditional contingency search provider – about 75% less expensive, in fact. Contingent search firms are focused on throwing bodies at you until you hire someone for your job posting, consequences be darned. We’re coming at things a different way, trying to feed your company’s long-term talent pipeline to power your success. Our successful clients have optimized and streamlined their executive search with TalentRobot’s Recruiting as a Service plan that includes our AI-driven applicant tracking system and specialized onboarding attention during the pre employment process.

Whether you’re HR, a hiring manager, or the CEO of a startup, we’re here to help you spend more time executing and less time hiring. All at an incredibly affordable price.

HR department, your life’s about to get easier.

Get all the benefits of our full-service acquisition solutions. Next-generation talent management that covers all the bases like only TalentRobot can:

Cheaper, Better, Faster - Everything a Modern Business Needs

No one but TalentRobot can provide a recruiting experience like this.

Unemployed or underemployed? Get employment help!

The Real Question is How Much WILL YOU SAVE

TalentRobot doesn’t just reduce time-to-hire more than 2x while increasing the quality and fit of hires. We do it a lower cost than traditional recruiting firms. We even offer two innovative engagement models in addition to tired old contingent search. See how much you could save!