Need contingency recruitment for just one position?

We’ll help. (But be warned: our process is addictive.)

Recruiting as a Service™, our long-term solution, is our bread and butter. But if you only need a single hire, we’re willing to help fill a single opening. With all our robot moves pulled. It’s Contingent², contingent search offered on a contingent basis while you evaluate us.

Think of it as a “try before you buy” test drive that’ll show you why TalentRobot is the super-powered recruiting firm you never knew you needed! Soon enough, you’ll have an amazing hire and be thinking, “Wow! That was nothing like a traditional contingency placement firm.”

One is never enough. You’ll be hooked on our futuristic recruiting services! Then it’s just a question of RaaS vs. Pipeline on Demand

Contingency recruitment to fill a job opening
Manager frustrated with traditional contingency search process

Traditional contingency search firms v. TalentRobot

We think it’s time for traditional contingency search to die a death it so richly deserves. It’s a relic of a time before powerful technology, and without the help of advanced tech tools, it just seems so… dumb. The process undertaken by recruitment agencies of analyzing companies and their hiring needs, scanning the candidate pool, filtering them, and matching them to open positions – it just boils down to reviewing the resumes and gut feelings about the candidate.

There has to be a better path for talent search. Now, there is!

Top contingency search firms and your old headhunter are officially on their way to the bottom of the talent acquisition business. Our recruiting agency at TalentRobot is the way of the future.

The TalentRobot contingency recruitment process

Unlike most contingency staffing agencies, TalentRobot is driven by passion and a knack for technology. Clients and candidates alike consistently affirm we’re unlike any recruitment firm they’ve experienced… or even heard of!

First, our executive search consultants study your company’s needs and culture to help us build profiles of qualified candidates, the best talent who would fit in and thrive. Then, we train our AI-powered tools to sniff them out online like a bloodhound in the bayou. Once we’ve got solid candidates that meet or exceed your staffing needs, we use data-driven filtering and matching solutions. With decent prospects in the pipe, we use proven engagement methods to bring them in and position your company as an employer they just have to join. We’ll make job seekers an offer they can refuse, they just won’t want to.

Happy young man hired by our contingency search of the future firm

Give us a shot!

Curious how our recruitment services might work for your company? Give TalentRobot contingent placement a shot! Do a test run of our stellar staffing and executive recruiting services. You’ll never go back to the old way again.

Executive hired by one of the top contingency search firms

Looking for a Boss?

Find Executive-Level Talent

Say goodbye to conventional executive search firms!

Finding the next leader with the acumen to command and motivate your team is a mission-critical process. Many of our clients have told us that until TalentRobot, they were highly reluctant to trust an executive search firm to methodically vet delimited candidates for the top executive talent that can make or break their business.

Lucky for you, we’re unlike any of those executive recruiting firms you’re used to. For one thing, we’ve got robots!

But in all seriousness, our smart tech and our executive recruiters with years of experience are the perfect marriage of AI and personalized executive search services. At TalentRobot, we’re not merely headhunters, but partners invested in your goals. So whether you need a new nonprofit executive or a private equity dynamo with proven executive leadership, we’ll make sure your executive search process yields the most fruitful results ever.

Make your next hire ridiculously good.

TalentRobot has the web’s most efficient, cost effective, accurate recruiting process