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TalentRobot is an end-to-end solution that provides you with great talent so fast, it’s practically on demand. Unlike most recruitment agencies, we leverage the power of bleeding-edge technology to provide us with expert metrics to screen individuals for skill sets, career goals, and more. Hires will fit better and perform better, with a process so smooth, it’ll feel like they just landed in your lap.

We’re the most accurate recruitment agency (also a low cost one, comparatively) that uses advanced tech to find outstanding talent for jobs you need filled today quicker than ever before. Our team is made up of veteran executive recruiters, computer science nerds, staffing industry analysts, and other freethinkers obsessed with bringing together great job opportunities with highly skilled individuals most likely to thrive.

Our Process

Take a Look Under our Robot Hoods

Understanding our capabilities means understanding our process. We use cutting-edge AI and tested processes to delight humans and help businesses perform better than ever. The result: we reduce time-to-hire more than 2x while increasing the fit and quality of hires, all at a lower cost than most recruiting firms.

Our Recruiting Services

Recruiting as a Service™ (And other Innovations)

The way we do most engagements is called Recruiting as a Service™, where we serve as your own in-house recruiting team. We can also supplement your own recruiters or serve intermittent needs with our on-demand option.

Either way, we’re built to bolt on and power you up. While other recruiters toss over resume after resume, hoping something sticks and they get a fee, we’ve rebuilt our staffing and recruiting process from the ground up to work like we’re part of your business, invested, integrated, delightfully intelligent. Think of us like your own Iron Man suit. We’re faster, more accurate, and more efficient than anything you’ve ever experienced.

Deep understanding

We build a quantitative and qualitative company talent profile, mapping out your culture and talent needs, helping create a template of the right kind of job seeker to hire. We build on that template, revisit our framework, and challenge our assumptions for every single new hire to make sure we get it right. But the process is so smooth, we're usually compounding wins through the process, with little to no course correction.

Advanced technology

As a high tech recruitment agency, we use AI-powered tools to surface the best candidates for your job, whether they’re job seekers or passively employed talent that’s rocking so hard they’re not looking -- but could be enticed. We then use data-driven screening to engage and serve up the cream of the crop. It’s the next generation in talent acquisition and intelligent staffing solutions. We think it’s pretty cool.

Powerful engagement

We have proven tools in the hands of recruiters with dozens of years of experience, to help us bring candidates in and sell them on your company culture. TalentRobot utilizes personalized automation tools along with human-to-human recruiter outreach to powerfully engage with individuals who will flawlessly match with your organization. And draw them in with our robot wiles.

After we’ve gone through our results-driven recruiting process, the real magic starts to happen. Each time you have a job vacancy, we can accelerate your hiring so that you get the right people through the door quickly. Whether you need temporary staffing, a laser-targeted executive search, clerical workers, and more—we’re the wicked fast recruitment agency you want on your side.

TalentRobot is always there to help you grow, empowering your organization to scale up virtually on demand by pulling in high-performing hires and brilliant talent seamlessly over time.

We also offer contingent placement services so you can test us out if you’re not ready for the recruiting experience of tomorrow. (Yet!)

We’re not programmed to lie, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Take a look at our operating system for yourself.

Our Suite of Recruiting Service Models

Get the perfect marriage of personality and IT in the staffing industry with our workforce solutions tailored to your needs and industry (IT staffing, healthcare staffing, executive recruiting, accounting and finance, startups, and more). Choose the plan that’s right for your organization and your hiring goals.

Pipeline on demand
For companies and teams hiring 10+ new recruits per year. We'll bring the tech and expertise to give you on-demand candidates, interviewed and waiting with bated breath to see if you pick them to join your awesome organization.
  • Flexible staffing services, per-job needs

  • For teams with in-house recruiters

  • For growing companies

  • Long-term, scalable team building

  • On-demand, incredible candidates

  • Faster, easier hiring processes

  • Optional advanced candidate analytics

  • Save up to 80% on on-demand services

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Flexible recruiting tailored to per-job needs. We do as much or as little of the process as you need. Just need a certain number of qualified prospects? Or maybe candidate outreach to determine interest? Or all the above plus interviewing? Check, check, and check. You'll pay only for the help you need filling the role(s) at hand.

  • Premier, full-service recruiting

  • For fast-growing companies

  • Ability to approach each hire flexibly, with more or less assistance and greater or fewer candidates to choose from

  • For companies with annual turnover of 10+

  • Long-term, scalable team building

  • Optional rich candidate analysis

  • Faster, easier hiring processes

  • On-demand, incredible candidates

  • Outreach & engagement

  • Employer branding

  • Flat monthly rate at 75% less than competition
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A great way to get started with us if you're used to working on a Contingent basis with recruiting firms. While Pipeline on Demand and Recruiting as a Service are the real game changers, you can try us out on a contingent basis first and we'll prove to you a longer-term partnership = blissfully better recruiting.
  • Not sold on TalentRobot™? Take us for a test drive

  • Contingent basis

  • For organizations unsure of what service level they need
  • Roles filled on an individual basis

  • Fixed fee per placement

  • Priced at up to 80% less than the competition

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Recruiting as a Service

Need help choosing? 

Say hello to our radical answer to recruitment process outsourcing. While other staffing companies throw resume after resume at you, hoping something sticks and they get their agency fee, we’ve rebuilt our full-service staffing and recruiting process from the ground up to work like we’re part of your business — invested, integrated, and delightfully intelligent.

Recruiting as a Service remains our most popular, comprehensive option for companies looking for a high-tech recruiting agency to help them scale quickly. Think of us like your own Iron Man suit. We’re faster, more accurate, and more efficient than any staffing firm you’ve ever experienced.

Proof that TalentRobot Delivers

Not sure we can deliver on our high tech recruitment agency claims?

Interested in how an AI-obsessed, automation-loving, high tech recruitment agency actually performs? See the numbers that make us one of the best staffing agencies in existence to streamline your hiring process and save you a chunk of green.

Just a few of our killer professional staffing stats:

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Faster Sourcing
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More Accurate Candidates
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Our staffing solution is the real deal. Once you’ve experienced TalentRobot, any experiences you’ve had with a traditional recruiting firm or staffing agency will seem like a bad dream.

Put These Capabilities to Work for You

It’s time to stop the insanity. No more doing what doesn’t work expecting better results. We can help upgrade your recruitment process.

Unemployed or underemployed? Get employment help!

The Real Question is How Much WILL YOU SAVE

TalentRobot doesn’t just reduce time-to-hire more than 2x while increasing the quality and fit of hires. We do it a lower cost than traditional recruiting firms. We even offer two innovative engagement models in addition to tired old contingent search. See how much you could save!