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You’ve Never Experienced a Recruiting Agency This Fast and Accurate

TalentRobot is a revolution in hiring. If you’ve worked with recruiting agencies before, you know that a lot of them aren’t doing the industry any favors.

The process is chaotic…
There’s so much wasted effort (theirs and yours) …
And there are SO many bad-fit hires. (Seriously, these staffing services are costing companies like yours millions of dollars in lost opportunities! All while the right candidate slips away…)

We knew there had to be a better way – a tech-enabled approach that would bring precision and intelligence to into the recruitment process in a way that employment agencies seem incapable of (or allergic to?). A way to remove the tedium and inefficiency while enabling people to make smart talent acquisition decisions. 

The problem was, this approach didn’t exist yet. So we invented it.

Let’s go back to the start for a moment…

How It All Began

Once upon a time, TalentRobot founder Jay Curry was a hard-working freelance recruiter, hustling hard to pull in talent for clients, from temporary staffing to IT staffing and light industrial. In 2014 Serenova (formerly LiveOps) made him an offer he couldn’t refuse to come on full time to create staffing solutions to help them grow. The software company needed to hire about a billion people (give or take) to scale up majorly. Instead of grinding himself into dust doing it manually, his mind turned to technology… The future isn’t in working through the night to get more done, it’s in automation, AI, and tools that help people do more with waaaay less.

Long story short, Jay took Serenova’s Austin operation from one person to more than 150 people and built the toolset and processes that would become TalentRobot along the way. Time to hire was down, quality of hires was way up, and Jay’s schedule was uncomfortably open despite growing job requisition lists. The system was doing its thing and Jay knew he was onto something game-changing in the staffing industry. TalentRobot does professional staffing for Serenova, but now it can also work for you, too!

Our Goal is to Help Make Your Life Easier, Through:

No more pointless reviewing resumes of poorly matched candidates.

No more wondering where all the really good job seekers are.

No more going by gut feel and hoping things work out.

We strive to be analytical, effective, and efficient all while costing less than traditional staffing agencies. Amazingly, we’re doing it every day. Because we’re not a traditional staffing firm.

It all starts with our mission…

Our Mission

To help companies build high-performing, cohesive teams more efficiently so they can achieve better business outcomes, from faster scaling to increased productivity.

We want you to do well—breakout-success well!—and we want to help you accelerate to whatever is waiting for you around the next bend in the road to outrageous success.

Our Vision

Some company vision statements are high-minded ideas they’ll never achieve. They want to change the world with widgets. Our vision starts small but the ripple effects could be huge.

Our vision starts with YOU. When you need new team members, instead of just diving in and trying to get resumes in hand, there will be proven recruitment process outsourcing already in place, along with tech that just works to help make the process insanely efficient. That way, you won’t have to waste time or effort with another staffing agency again. You won’t feel like you’re running in a hamster wheel. We know that life. (But we’ve escaped it!)

With proven processes and smart technology in place, you’ll be able to identify amazing candidates that other staffing firms can’t because they’re stuck doing things the old way, tapping and re-tapping stale databases and engaging only with candidates who are actively job searching. You’ll reach the best fits for your job openings, with no limitations. And you’ll delight them through smart automation with a personal touch.

The placements made through this innovative hiring process will excel at their jobs and fit your culture – and they won’t just perform: you’ll also love working with them! At the end of the day, your company will have the people it needs to move forward and kick major ass in the marketplace. And when you need more great manpower, it will be easy, fast, and cost-effective to bring them on board.

In short, we’re envisioning a total revolution in recruiting and workforce solutions that will create a transformational effect on your company and make your life way easier. We believe things are better when happy people are doing good work at companies where they fit in with people they like and respect. And that’s the ripple effect. More prosperity, more workplace satisfaction, and a bigger pie for everyone.

Yes, you can have some of what we’re smoking (disclaimer: it’s mostly fumes from the server room).

<span>Sincerely,</span><br>Jay Curry

Jay Curry

Founder and Principal Recruiting Geek

Put an End to Painful, Expensive Recruiting & Lousy Staffing Companies

And get amazing hires, too!