Our Story

Talent Robot’s principals come from the recruiting world, bringing extensive hands-on experience in virtually every leading ATS.

New tools like AI, predictive analysis, chatbots and process workflow automation are revolutionizing talent acquisition, but there are too many vendors and tools not working together. At Talent Robot, our role is to deliver the smart integration of these intelligent recruiting tools.

Talent Robot™ is AI, Predictive Analytics and Intelligent Recruiting tools all wrapped up into a consumable platform. It’s a fully AI-powered recruiter that never sleeps, uses data to make decisions and gets smarter as it works, empowering you to recruit faster, better and smarter.


It’s simple … to change the way small to midsize businesses recruit talent … using AI and intelligent recruiting tools.

From talent acquisition software to AI recruiting technology, we guide you through every step along the way.



Talent Robot conducts a scientific employee survey to gain a 360-degree view of their core values and how they align with the company’s culture and values.


Our AI identifies up to 100 targets per job to capture the five best passive candidates based on skills, experience and location.


Using five key questions provided by the hiring manager, Talent Robot performs initial phone screens with targets until five candidates are produced that fit all requirements.

Matching and Ranking

Using Predictive Analytics, Talent Robot stack ranks the five candidates based on how well they match company culture, predicted tenure of the candidate and how well they match with the hiring manager.


Those five candidates are submitted with a full digital recording of the initial screen call, a detailed assessment of a candidate’s personality, fit with the manager, alignment with the company culture and candidate requirements.

Jay Curry

Founder and CEO

Baker Johnson

Board Member

Jeff Thompson

Megan Marsh

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