A BETTER Way to Hire

A Better Faster Smarter Way to Hire

Tomorrow’s tech-powered recruiting agency

At TalentRobot™, we use advanced candidate sourcing and analysis tools to help you find outstanding professionals, engage them successfully, and screen them to hire best-fit candidates. And we do it more quickly and cost-effectively than traditional recruitment agencies and staffing firms.

It’s the data-driven, streamlined, easy recruiting process you’ve always wanted, but gave up on long ago.

We’re finally here.

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Our Data > A Sales Pitch

We'll never sell you on a candidate. Our data-driven recruiting process and deliverables give you what you need to decide, no pitch needed.

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Irrelevance = Time Suck

We send only highly targeted and qualified candidates. Say goodbye to irrelevant resumes tossed over the fence for you to toss back.

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+ More Bang for Your Buck

Recruiting as a Service costs 75% less than most contingent searches. And even our contingent searches are 15% less than the industry.

TalentRobot’s ® Stellar Stats

While we think qualitative insights are valuable, when it comes to ROI, it’s all about the numbers. And the data on our staffing solutions doesn’t lie. TalentRobot has phasers set well above “STUN” by turning up the dial on these metrics:

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Faster Sourcing
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Average Time to Hire
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More Accurate Candidates
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Avg Cost Savings

What Clients Say About Our Recruiting Services

Here’s how clients describe the TalentRobot® talent acquisition experience:

VP of Ops & Finance at Capital Factory

"TalentRobot was able to do some things we just weren't able to do on our own. It's easy and really fast to get started with them. We now treat them as our in-house recruiting team."

Why Most
Recruiting Agencies

Ruin Your Life

The average recruiting agency takes ages to turn up some talent, and when they do, there’s a bunch of misfits. Most of the staffing industry drags out the process and makes it miserable. Staffing agencies are taking up precious time, while you’re trying to save it. Not us. We’re hitting the nail on the head and turning up talent 45% faster.

Most recruiters want to throw people at you and hope someone sticks for your job openings. When you want to have a discussion, they can’t wait to get you off the phone. TalentRobot™ is a different kind of recruitment agency. We’re with you for the long haul, 100% transparent about our process, and always looking to collaborate and optimize your workforce solutions.

$50,000-$100,000 in fees, and all you get is a hiring process that provides a warm body. The recruitment process should NOT, repeat, NOT cost that much, provided it’s efficient and properly optimized. So why aren’t job recruitment agencies more cost effective? At TalentRobot™, we’re being the change we want to see in the world, with fees that are up to 75% less than traditional recruitment agencies.

If you want to find a fantastic hire (even a temp), you don’t just go to the same database of available people over and over again – you need to scan people that are happily crushing it in their current jobs. Those are the real stellar performers. Our advanced tech can help find the world’s most fabulous recruits, whether they’re looking for work or not.

Most recruiting agencies just want to staff your position and get on with it. That’s no way to treat a client. Our agency specializes in making sure your hires are smashing successes, and we’ve built a hell of a lot of technology to make it happen. When it comes to whether your next hire will be a success – don’t guess, know. That’s the TalentRobot™ approach.

Do job recruitment agencies care if your recruits work out? Most don’t, and you know it when you work with them. We actually give a damn. We’re your long-term personal job recruiting agency, there to serve as a true partner to help you scale and staff your company with the right people.

How TalentRobot® Can Transform Your Recruiting Process

A different kind of recruiting agency requires a different kind of process. Our recruitment process outsourcing is chock full of powerful advanced technology that helps you find better talent for job vacancies, move things along quickly, and analyze fits more deeply than ever before.

Here’s a look inside the TalentRobot® process:

Step #1

The first thing a TalentRobot™ needs is information about you company: goals, current humanpower, culture, and more. We soak up everything we can get our greedy little processors on so that when it comes time to use our fancy technology to analyze candidates, our tools are ready.

Next-Level Benchmarking

Step #2

The best candidates are the ones who aren’t looking for a job because they’re so busy kicking ass at their current one. That’s why TalentRobot™ scans both passive and active candidates, surfacing at least 100 of the best. Then we rank them based on skill sets, culture fit, career goals, experience, and lots more to separate people who are great from people who are great for you.

AI-Powered Sourcing

Step #3

Sure, you can find great candidates, but can you reel placements in? Our robot seduction methods are irresistible. TalentRobot™ engages your talent pool with tried-and-true personalized outreach tools and methods that get responses, especially during executive search. We then use responses to calculate a rating for each candidate to give you a sense of engagement and interest.

Scientifically-Proven Outreach

Step #4

All search firms can do phone interviews. By using AI and natural language processing tools on the interview transcripts, however, we’re able to deeply analyze job candidates to find the job seekers that would perform and truly fit in. These are our proprietary staffing resources, and we believe they are the way of the future in employment services.

Data-Driven Screening

Step #5

You want to know if people will do the job well and stick around, right? TalentRobot™ tech gives you answers, allowing us to stack rank candidates to surface the five best. You won’t find these capabilities with any other staffing agency.

If people used our matchmaking tool when picking a spouse, divorce attorneys would go out of business.

Match & Rank with Predictive Analytics

Step #6

When we send over candidate profiles, you get a full report. This includes job interview recordings, enhanced resumes with linking, and advanced analysis. Our job seeker profiles are so comprehensive it’s scary. And still, they’re easy to use. We’re doing impossible things over here.

3D Resume Submittal

Built to Solve Your Biggest Problems

Whether you’re a top-level decision maker or an HR professional, we’ve listened to your key concerns and built TalentRobot™ to address them better than any other job recruitment agency can. From start to finish, we want you to be thrilled with the process and results.

Are you an Executive?

We know how critical it is to get the right people in without delay (or the ridiculous fees that most search firms charge). Our agency specializes in speed, cost effectiveness, and excellent hire fits. We also help your company put its best foot forward to attract high quality personnel with our employer branding staffing service.

Are you in HR?

We know that, for a hiring manager, the recruiting process can be a long, chaotic slog and there’s a lot of risk in recommending the wrong people. TalentRobot™ uses proven technology to make things pleasant and efficient. We help your human resource teams and tools get connected, and we can also help you sell your company as a desirable employer to a job seeker, so that you can attract top candidates successfully.

Flexible Talent Acquisition

While our process works like magic (it’s actually science!) for any role, seniority level, or industry, lots of our prospects ask about our abilities with specific types of jobs. We regularly recruit leadership and contributors including executives, sales, marketing, and IT and technology, to name a few. And while we hail from the startup recruiting world, we’re as comfortable recruiting for SMBs and enterprises.

TalentRobot™ is a recruiter for hiring in any industry, from team members to team leaders. If you need a person, we will find that person and help you bring him or her on board efficiently and effectively.

Your Days of Painful Recruiting Are Almost Over

TalentRobot™ talent acquisition is about to transform your company and change your life. We offer two options – one for companies ready for unbridled success and one for companies that aren’t sure if they can handle unbridled success!

Pipeline on demand

Flexible recruiting tailored to per-job needs. We do as much or as little of the process as you need. Just need a certain number of qualified prospects? Or maybe candidate outreach to determine interest? Or all the above plus interviewing? Check, check, and check. You'll pay only for the help you need filling the role(s) at hand.

  • Scalable, long-term recruiting

  • Options for teams with in-house recruiter(s)

  • Ability to approach each hire flexibly, with more or less assistance and greater or fewer candidates to choose from

  • On-demand candidates

  • Optional outreach and interviewing
    (or just get a curated list of stellar candidates to engage yourself)

  • Optional rich candidate analysis

  • Faster, easier hiring processes

  • Your best teams ever

For companies and teams hiring 10+ new recruits per year. We'll bring the tech and expertise to give you on-demand candidates, interviewed and waiting with bated breath to see if you pick them to join your awesome organization.
  • Scalable, long-term recruiting

  • Talent on Demand

  • Rich, advanced candidate analysis

  • Remarkable results

  • Effective employer branding

  • Faster, easier hiring processes

  • Your best teams ever

A great way to get started with us if you're used to working on a Contingent basis with recruiting firms. While Pipeline on Demand and Recruiting as a Service are the real game changers, you can try us out on a contingent basis first and we'll prove to you a longer-term partnership = blissfully better recruiting.
  • Not sold on TalentRobot™? Take us for a test drive

  • Pay a fixed for each placement

  • Work with us to fulfill roles on an individual basis

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While some recruiting agencies promise better prices but conveniently fail to show you anything up front, we’ve got nothing to hide! Run the numbers here. You’ll find our personalized recruiting services beat the competition no matter what pricing model you use. This is what your recruiting SHOULD cost.

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The Real Question is How Much WILL YOU SAVE

TalentRobot doesn’t just reduce time-to-hire more than 2x while increasing the quality and fit of hires. We do it a lower cost than traditional recruiting firms. We even offer two innovative engagement models in addition to tired old contingent search. See how much you could save!